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  • Company OZOMALTA LTD in Other
    21.10.2020 Updated on: 28.10.2020

    Collecting trash, debris and other waste to keep the site clean and safe. Handling power tools and materials (such as saws and drills).Other Remarks:Full time on permanent basis...

  • Company ELEPAC LTD in Other
    20.10.2020 Updated on: 26.10.2020

    Crushing of material products and/or cleaning, as well as general factory assistance. Other Remarks:Full-time on a permanent basis....

  • Company SAFEYE (MALTA) COMPANY LTD in Other
    18.10.2020 Updated on: 26.10.2020

    Assisting the technician in wiring and installation of extra low voltage systems including fire alarms, CCTV, intercoms etc.Other Remarks:Full time on a contract basis....

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