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  • Company A G V NON FERROUS MALTA LTD in Other

    Routine inspections of premises & equipment, performing preventive electrical works, handling basic repairs plus electrical works.Other Remarks:Full time on a permanent basis. ...

  • Company ATTARD MARIO in Other
    31.10.2020 Updated on: 31.10.2020

    Electrical and plumbing works. Knowledge of electrical machinery and use of hand tools. Other Remarks:Full time on a permanent basis. ...

  • Company MICALLEF ISMAEL in Other
    28.10.2020 Updated on: 31.10.2020

    Assisting in electrical and plumbing installations.Perform Labour work in relation to fixing electrical and plumbing issues.Other Remarks:Full-time on a contract basis....

  • Company MM INSTALLATIONS in Other
    24.10.2020 Updated on: 26.10.2020

    Assisting the electrician in his dat to day duties, mainly chasing, conduits installation, wiring and final fixes.Other Remarks:Full time on a permanent basis. ...

  • Company DENIS PARNIS in Other
    21.10.2020 Updated on: 28.10.2020

    Helping in installations of air conditions and solar panels....

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